Finally back on rΓΈmΓΈ… πŸ™ƒ

Hi all - yes you're reading that correctly... we have made it to Denmark! Well it only took some 18 months to finally get here again. When we got here today, I instantly recognised the place again. So - went to read all the messages left by all the other dogs πŸ˜‰ while Jule was … Continue reading Finally back on rΓΈmΓΈ… πŸ™ƒ

An early morning trip to the Rheinwiesen… 😊

Good day to all of you... hope you all have a rather good Sunday so far. Me - I had a blast this morning. The girls are here for a visit, unfortunately not a happy reason them being here... you see Johanna broke her foot couple of days ago and not in a nice way … Continue reading An early morning trip to the Rheinwiesen… 😊