An early morning trip to the Rheinwiesen… 😊

Good day to all of you... hope you all have a rather good Sunday so far. Me - I had a blast this morning. The girls are here for a visit, unfortunately not a happy reason them being here... you see Johanna broke her foot couple of days ago and not in a nice way … Continue reading An early morning trip to the Rheinwiesen… 😊

Happy Easter… 🐣

Today we were invited to visit the puppies over where the girls live. It was an adventure of the special kind and while Kiyu had to keep her distance and stay behind the fence, I was allowed to growl and bark at the rascals at my hearts desire πŸ™‚ The boss took some videos and … Continue reading Happy Easter… 🐣


Hi all and greetings from home πŸ™‚Today we went together with Johanna and the girls into the beautiful Muttental, not far from here actually. It is the old castle that we've been visiting a couple of times before. You might remember by looking at the pictures. The pack out on an adventure... Of course it … Continue reading Muttental…

Afternoon Adventure

Today we went to Witten and there deep into the woods, enjoying a long walk through unknown territory 😊 We had the girls with us and the fun started right from the word go... Benn just walked out the picture 😊 The first part of the walk we all did behave very well, still had … Continue reading Afternoon Adventure