A trip to Kiyu’s country…

Well of course Kiyu is not born in Holland, however she is after all a Dutch Herder. So the boss decided that we go up and over the border the old smugglers path.

The old customs and smugglers path…

I have been up there before, however Kiyu hasn’t been. For her all was new and I guess she had a lot of fun running around the woods. As there were no people there, we were allowed to run around as we saw fit, the boss didn’t mind.

We didn’t see any smugglers 😊

Crossing the border is no great shakes anymore… if you don’t watch it you’re already passed it 😊

Nearly at the border…

On the Dutch side the place is called Borkense Baan, which is referring to the old train track that used to run there. All the tracks are gone on the German side though…

On the Dutch side they have left the tracks in the ground, however mother nature has pretty much taken over…

Right at the tracks there is a small little lake, we of course had to take a dip and the boss threw the ball for Kiyu and me.

After we had stopped there for a swim, we continued on the path next to the old tracks, there was plenty of stuff to see and discover. We were in and out of the bushes a lot of times 😊

My wet butt… 😊

On the other side, there was a lovely alley of trees adjacent to a field…

where of course I had to have a good roll around 😊

A good roll around in the grass…

and of course have another root around for the mice. Guess they didn’t understand me as I am a German Retriever and they’re Dutch mice 😊

In the fields…

As you can imagine we all were pleased when we turned back in direction of the car. There is a video of us tired warriors… you can see we slowed down a good bit 😊 I even had to have a lie down on the road waiting for Kiyu and the boss to catch up with me.

Had to have a rest 😊

Kiyu had fun on the round and she loved the running around in and around the bushes as well as the woods. She seemed very happy…

Kiyu – the ball hunter… 😊

We had fun on even though we were out there for 2 hrs – we didn’t see any smugglers or customs officers 😊 As usual I will post the rest of the pictures in a slideshow, hope you like them. Have a great Sunday all – paws up from little Kiyu and me 🐾 🐾

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