Our afternoon…

Hi all – just an update… our holiday surely comes to an end and we will be heading home tomorrow evening, using the night to head down. So today we went the back way behind our house and walk down in direction the protected wildlife refuge. The road is coveredburren-16in pot holes and those are full of water, which was of course great for me 🙂 I had to useburren-5the first puddle and have a bath 🙂 Well – actually one of many…burren-10and yes – wait for it… there is more 🙂burren-17I pretty much used every waterhole I could get my paws on and hopped in. The boss didn’t mind – something about me being happy 🙂 Well – me being happy includes a good roll around in the dirt – as you know…

I had a ball out there, running in and out of the fields, hopping into the water and in general have a good time while out there 🙂

I think I will be a little sad leaving tomorrow, I always enjoy the freedom of the open door to the terrace, so I can just wander in and out as I please. It is a great place and I like it here. Don’t get me wrong – home is cool as well – however there is so much more space here 🙂
Below is the rest of the pictures the boss took of me. I hope you enjoy them as much I did posing 🙂 Have a great day all and I will catch you again soon. Paws up from me 🐾

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