Running with the boss…

Hi all – just a quick note about this evening… yes I did it 😊 Β I went running with the boss this evening. Ok – I only went for 2 k, but still… I was out there – right? It was dark when we got down to the lake and we went for a stroll first, so I could get all warmed up. When we got back to the car, the boss changed into running gear and much to my surprise he wanted me to join him. I wasn’t in the mood for a good performance, as always 😊 Β and I was rather slow if you ask me. So the boss decided that I would only do a k and then back to the car. That was good enough for me 😊 Β You can find some info about me running hereΒ if you like. Have a great evening all and a good start into the new week tomorrow. I am off to beddies πŸ’€ Β Paws up from me 🐾

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