A walk in the woods…

So today was kinda an easy going day for us… We went for a walk at the Boddensee which was good but boring. The round was rather small and short and over before I knew it 😊From there we went to another place – full of horses and I had a much longer walk. Great run around in some of the leftover snow.hoppe-7While we were out there I met this Labrador and we messed around a little bit 😊hoppe-9We walked the same way for a while and then split, I was heading towards the horses 🐴


That was it for our activity yesterday, as I said – we took it easy 😊 Β As a special treat I got a mark?Β bone after dinner.hoppe-10The boss even made a short video of me attacking the bone 😊 Β Hope you like it. Today is our last day in Berlin (tomorrow we’ll go home) so we are out for another sightseeing tour in the city 😞 Β So I will keep you posted on the matter little later. Have a great weekendΒ all – paws up from me 🐾 Β πŸ’š

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