Our afternoon walk was great, we went nearly across the city to go to this place and go for a walk. As you can see the lake and part of the river is still frozen over and it is kinda cold here with temps rising just above 0º deg.berlin-11When we got there, we parked not far from this ferry and went along the river.berlin-12I wanted to go and say hello to the ducks, however the boss didn’t allow me to go into the water 😞  so I just had a good look at them instead.berlin-10All in all I quiet walk, on the way back we stopped by some coffee shop and they had a drink of hot chocolate while I had a little snooze 😊  Tomorrow we will have an action packed day and I am sure the boss will take plenty of pictures, so I will post some more stuff tomorrow evening. In the meantime, check out instagram or twitter – Golden Benn. I will make sure the boss is posting from the road 😊  Have a wonderful evening all and paws up from me 🐾 💚

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