A visit to the Christmas market…

Today we went to Bochum to pick up some new glasses for the boss and while we were there, had a walk over the Christmas market.It was kinda early so the place wasn’t as packed as it normally would be 😀 It was pretty exciting to run around and get all those different smells that linger around the place. So I went on the leash and did pretty well going next to the boss. As you know I don’t have to walk on the leash that often, however I did exceptionally well. We had breakfast in the mall before going to the other place. Chicken sandwich and coffee, guess who got most of the chicken 😀 Great to be be out in the city, don’t have to have that everyday though. We are with the girls now… so might catch you a little later with an update 😀 Have fun and a lovely afternoon, paws up from me 🐾

7 thoughts on “A visit to the Christmas market…

    1. Hi guys…
      Well if you do decide to visit a European Christmas Market I would recommend the one in Strasbourg. It is simply brilliant … 👍
      If you do – let us know and we’ll hook up down there 😀

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