In Hattingen…

Hi all 😀  we ran some errands today, one of them getting the car washed and ready for sale. Yeah – we are selling the little Renault now that he is all repaired and all. So while drying the car off, the boss cut one of his fingers and it was bleeding a lot. It was so funny him hoovering the car with one finger in his mouth 😬

So after the car wash we went down to the Ruhr and this time we picked a different spot for the walk. As you can see, the weather once again has been an absolute dream while still very cold… hattingen-10Well – today the cold weather didn’t stop me from having a swim 😀hattingen-12Part of the river was frozen over, so I had to run ahead and take a dip further down where there was still a free section with water.hattingen-9The boss didn’catch up fast enough, so there is only pics of me after the swim 😀  and as you might have noticed, I look like a pig coming out of there. You know the boss being fairly relaxed about me messing in the dirt, so he just laughed 😊  Hope you all have a great day so far 👍  catch you later. Paws up from me 🐾

2 Replies to “In Hattingen…”

  1. So you are selling your renault ? What car are you then going to have ? You have a long trip to Rømø on a bicycle with dog trailer 😆

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