Walk down Industry Lane…

Hi all – here comes the yesterday update. We went down to a place called “Henrichshütte”, an old steel manufacturing plant that has been closed for ages now. The area is nice and they turned the place into an industrial museum.industry-18Next to turning the place into a museum, there are plenty of walk ways and even a pond.

We took one of those and walked along the fence, which brought us to the end of this artificial little lake. I wasn’t allowed to go for a swim 😒  as it was just a bit too cold. We had a bit of snow yesterday and the temperature had dropped a good bit – brrrr. While out there, I met no other dogs and had the place to myself, always a good indicator that it is cold out.

Here are some more images of the place, next time we might bring the big camera and go inside. There are old trains and all sorts of other stuff, sure worth another visit. I had a great time, it is always good to visit new places 😀  Have a great day all and paws up from me 🐾

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