My Sunday…

Hi all – nothing special to report, this morning I did my usual round in the woods. dayand there wasn’t anything special to report about. Just the plain old walk with the boss 😀  While we were out there, he took those shots of me…day-3In the afternoon we went out for a walk down at the dog park and I had to have a swim – well actually it was a walk in the water 😀  loved it. day-4I met this girl and we had a great time messing around 😀  and chasing each other.

Anyhow – I was glad getting back to the car, I was pooped 😋  The boss went out for a run with his friend Dirk, didn’t think it was a good idea as he is still not over the hill with his flu 😒  They went and I had a snooze 💤  knowing that would be a while. So now we just got back from the bbq over in Dirks place. I am off to the couch now and I will be sleeping my head off 😀  Catch you again tomorrow , have a great start into the new week. Paws up from me 🐾

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